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Partner With Us

Whether you are a local church or not, we need partners at Love Inc. Our goal is simple. It’s to help our community.

Meeting there physical needs is only one part of the equation. It’s a step closer to showing people who God is through our love & help.

We want to give Love Inc families a support system that goes much further than Love Inc, but connects our community with a local church who will be there for them for the long haul.

And more importantly connect them to Christ.

Loving people in the Name of Christ.

Here’s how you can partner with us:

  • Give financially ( Sow into the people around you) Give by Text 1-415-942-5683
  • Be Willing to Help ( We’re always looking for volunteers) Call us 1-906-281-9060
  • Pray for Love Inc ( Ask God to help us minister to our community)
  • Spread the Word ( Share Love Inc stories)
  • Donate ( Be wiling to give to our donation center) / See Donations